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Putin Believes That Future of Clean Energy Lies With New Generation of Thermonuclear Power Plants!

Putin Believes That Future of Clean Energy Lies With New Generation of Thermonuclear Power Plants!

On the sidelines of the forum dedicated to the most advanced technology and developments in the industry held in Yekaterinburg, Putin spoke about Georgia. The president studied the already working equipment samples of the future at the Innoprom exhibition. Later, he talked to the youth. Alexey Petrov has the details.

The most advanced developments both for city streets and off-roading are presented at Innoprom.

A snow-and-swamp-going vehicle is equipped for extreme weather conditions. It works as an unmanned vehicle. Its computer arranges the route, analyzes the pictures, and decides how to move and overcome obstacles. In addition to it, now it's even possible to drive a car remotely. In Yekaterinburg, they assembled a cockpit of the huge BelAZ, which is in Belarus and can move without a driver.

“An operator can manage seven such cars simultaneously. They can work without a human.”

Smart houses and even cities were presented. Galaktika Corporation is one of the leading software developers in Russia. Technology is designed to be used in transportation, the energy industry, the production sector. Robots are used in every area. This one, for example, can be a welder, a miller, and a stucco worker. Progress has already changed entire regions and industries. But risks for mankind still exist. If production is increased without any changes introduced, new threats will appear for sure.

Vladimir Putin: “Instead of a constructive conversation, unfortunately, we often see blatant populism, speculation, and sometimes even endarkenment. It even comes to that they call upon everyone to give up progress. At best, this will allow to preserve the situation, create local well-being for the few selected ones. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people on the planet will have to put up with what they have now, or frankly speaking, what they don't have. These are access to fresh water, food, education.”

Consequences are tangible for the entire planet. Climate changes are one of them.

Vladimir Putin: “Temperatures in Russia increase two and a half times faster than overall on the planet. And look at what's going on in Irkutsk Oblast. There are huge fires there, hundreds of thousands of acres of forests burn. And there are terrible floods.”

New technology shouldn't mean giving up the traditional energy industry — nuclear and hydrocarbon power. Alternative sources, such as wind, should be used. But to count on them only is a dead-end road.

Vladimir Putin: “Will it be convenient for people to live on a planet full of turbine towers and covered with a few layers of solar panels? As they say, we'll sweep rubbish under the rug instead of removing it. Yes, wind power is a good thing. But do they think about birds in this case? How many birds are killed? They jolt so much that worms get out of the soil. This isn't a trifle. There are serious consequences of using those modern methods of power generation. Of course, we can't prohibit those who want to wear animal skins or live in caves to do so. But it's simply impossible and absolutely senseless to prevent mankind from progressing.”

Only together, people can deal with large-scale challenges. The international thermonuclear reactor ITER is one of the examples of cooperation. They're building it in the south of France, with Russia playing a big role.

Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Kurchatov Institute: “Thermonuclear energy as technology is like an artificial sun. It was first suggested and implemented in the Kurchatov Institute 50 years ago.”

The discussion in Yekaterinburg is not only about giant projects but also the work of small research enterprises. They work, being supported by universities. They show their developments — from tools to medical equipment. The main thing to do is to prevent science and production from being separated from each other. Research and educational centers are supposed to make science and production closer.

Vladimir Putin: “We agreed to create at least two such centers this year even despite the fact that five, pardon, five, Tatiana helps me, so that those who are against it won't be able to say that there are two, the superior ordered to open only two. No, at least five.”

Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Kurgan Oblasts created united research and educational center to coordinate the training of employees who'll be in demand in the Ural.

Young scientists are absorbed by science. They're constantly using special terms, but the president knows what they're talking about.

“Our cyclotron will produce about 20 different isotopes, which can be used in different areas, including diagnostics and treatment.”

Vladimir Putin: “Isotope is introduced into the body, it's painless. It's harmless for a person. It travels almost throughout the entire body, its every cell. If it comes across any neoformation, it indicates it.”

In order not to fall behind in competition, it's important to introduce new materials. It should be done in different areas from medicine to the defense industry. The president used the most advanced missile complex Avangard as an example.

Vladimir Putin: “There are no analogs. There probably will be in a few years, but nobody has them so far. If it weren't new materials, we wouldn't have done it. The temperature at the surface is almost 5,500°F. Let me remind you that it's 11,000°F on the surface of the Sun. The device is designed to be used in a dense atmosphere, it's 5,500°F. It's an ice cream effect, it melts while it's flying. At the same time, it's manageable. And it maintains the required temperature for a required period of time. It would be impossible to do that without the achievements in the area of modern materials.”

Many participants noticeably worry. One of them even felt sick. The president asked to call for a doctor. Tatiana Golikova immediately reacted.

Vladimir Putin: “Look for a doctor over there. I don't think that there's anything serious.”

They discussed not only science but barriers in the global world as well.

“Our American partners don't only try to oppose Huawei and shut something down. They also prohibit Chinese students to get an education in certain areas, professions. They decided so. It's astonishing. But it's true.”

The 2023 Universiade is one of the main events for Ural students, postgraduates, professors. It'll be held in Yekaterinburg.

- This news caused quite a stir in entire Russia, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Europe, no, excuse me, Yekaterinburg.

Vladimir Putin:

- They're the same.

- Sure.

- Don't worry about this year's Universiade.

- Okay. It's such a relief. Thank you very much.

It's quite possible that many developments can be used at the Universiade. But they discussed not only technology and science. Putin met with the Syropyatov multi-children family. At the end of May, he awarded them the Order of Parental Glory. They have nine children. They talked about how they moved to a new house.

Vladimir Putin:

- Is the house good?

- It's very good. We like it a lot.

- Girls, do you like the house?

- Yes, we do.

- There's a lot of space.

- Do you like it? It's tasty. Of course, it's tasty.

- Like this. Do you like it? Bite it. Good boy! You do it so well.

In addition to that, the president talked to Yekaterinburg residents. Yekaterinburg residents, including very young ones, came up to greet the president one after another.